About Imie Belanger


If you are selling something or have a business you want people to know about, then I can help you.

Hi I am Imie Belanger!

I am a Marketing, Sales & Business mentor and founder of Ishopathome who admits being a shopaholic.  I learned marketing from my mother at the age of six when I helped her sell vegetables and fruits door-to-door in my native Philippines.

My love affair with direct sales and network marketing started with Mary Kay and Tupperware, but I’ve also became a leader with several network marketing ventures over the years.

So I’ve been there, and know what it’s like to struggle [the lows] in the business, but I’ve also experienced the beauty [the highs] of the business when you know what you are doing.

Worth mentioning…

I really don’t like pushing products because I hate pushy salesmen—I prefer to just have fun and let people come and enjoy themselves.  When I was a Tupperware manager, I used to tell people that I sell the top of line product—the Cadillac of plastic and if they want to experience having the best products in their kitchen, to come by and join.  I gave the feeling that it didn’t matter to me if they came or not—and they came in droves.

When I first started in sales at a bookstore in Toronto, a man came in the store and asked me what I thought about a book he wanted to buy.  I said ‘I honestly don’t know as I haven’t read it, but if you want to find out, buy it’ with a big smile on my face.  It irritated him but he bought the book.

Authentic marketing is much more powerful and soulful than impersonal sales pitches.

I believe that marketing and sales experiences should be fun and enjoyable. Like sharing something precious to your best friend because sharing is serving.

I also believe in using tools correctly such as the internet and social media to help as much people as we can with our services and products.

Choose the right experience for you here.

More about my Marketing & Coaching business here  www.imiebelanger.com


Ishopathome is Canada's online shopping network of over 100 independent direct sellers and boutique owners. Our sellers carry brand names and unique products not usually available at retail stores.