Ishopathome – Who We Are

iShopathome is an online market place by Canadian Women Entrepreneurs founded in May 2003.  We serve two kinds of customers:  women looking to buy their favourite direct sales products and women in direct sales and network marketing who are committed to growing their business.  Women who wish to leverage the internet to succeed in business.

We are on online based company with over a hundred (and growing) independent direct sellers and boutique owners all across Canada.

Why You Should  Join Ishopathome

We are the only online business directory  providing these services to our members:

  • Online advertising profile that includes your contacts, website, social media, and product photos
  • Receive direct referrals.  These are people who are looking for certain products and want to buy or join your opportunities.  We receive these referrals through our “request a catalogue” button on the site and send them to you directly
  • For lifetime members, you get special feature including a blog post or an interview about you and your business for more online exposure
  • For executive members, you will have special access to our training materials to help you kill it online

What We Can Do For You

We offer 3 levels of memberships:

  1. Business Membership – this membership is for direct sellers who are committed to their business because it is cheaper in the long run.
  2. Executive  Membership this membership is for those direct sellers with entrepreneurial spirit who are not only committed to their business but also want to learn the online skills necessary to get results.

Our Stats & Track Record

We receive an average of 5,000 visits in a month. Majority from Google search, and social media referrals.

Ishopathome GA stats

We can’t measure how many people directly contact our members but base on the feedback from our longest members, they get regular enquiries.

The chart below shows my inbox, of people requesting catalogue.  Prospects names are on the LEFT and member’s names (the request is going to) on the RIGHT.

ishopathome-catalogue inquiries


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Ishopathome is Canada’s online shopping network of  independent direct sellers, network marketers, and home-based businesses.   Join us!