To follow up on our Avon Article, I decided to make a review on one of it’s products. Ever since I can remember I have been an avid Avon Lipstick user. Not just because I can purchase it through Direct Sellers but also because of the quality of lipsticks that Avon sells. My personal favorite is Avon’s Extra Lasting Lipstick in Nude Blush. This lipstick lasts up to 8 hours with moisturizing color, is transfer-resistant and with satin finish.

I normally have to wear lipstick in long hours on my previous job. Some lipsticks just won’t work and would either smear or wear-off even after a couple of minutes. But with the Extra Lasting Lipstick, I still wear it even after work hours. No smudges, no wear-offs and I don’t even feel like wearing a lipstick at all, since it’s in Nude, which suit perfectly on my lips and isn’t too pale for my skin tone. And what’s more, since it has a moisturizing feel, you’ll never have your lips dried and fried while wearing this.

You, what is your favorite Avon lipstick or product? We would love to hear from you.

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