The Best Thing That Happens To Direct Sales & Network Marketers

First of all, I hope you’re staying safe and healthy as we battle this pandemic. A lot of people are suffering right now–financially with unprecedented job loss and lays offs.  Network marketing and direct sales companies are seeing increasing sales which could help soften the financial blow–if done correctly. Capitalizing […]

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Origami Owl: The Perfect Biz for Mother and Daughter Team

  An old friend of mine—Cindy Chrysler,  contacted me recently to let me know that ORIGAMI OWL is coming to Canada—actually arriving tomorrow, February 3rd! Intrigued, I asked her the following questions: Me: What made you choose Origami Owl? Cindy: The original thing that piqued my interest was the opportunity […]

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Network Marketing: Lucrative Career or An Expensive Hobby?

I received an e-mail the other day from a friend asking me if an “opportunity” she was being recruited for is good. My answer was: do the math. Here’s a formula that a Network Marketer shared with me years ago which I’ve used every time I was presented with an […]

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Gold Canyon Consultant-Sylvianne Riczu

What’s your direct sales story? I was speaking to one of my iShopathome’s premium advertiser – Sylvianne Riczu, a Gold Canyon Consultant based in Alberta and I found out she had been featured in a video.  So I asked her to upload it on youtube. Story telling is a powerful marketing […]

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