How To Make Money In Network Marketing

I am assuming that you are already working as a direct sales rep and you just want to learn more about making your business work for you. Here Are Some Juicy Ingredients For A Successful Direct Sales Home-Based Business Your  Business Website or Profile Page We’ve heard it over and […]

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How Should You Promote Yourself?

AVON LADY OR MARTHA GIBSON? Should I promote myself as Avon Lady or as Martha Gibson? My usual answer has been: “Whatever feels right for you.” But after thinking about it, I realized that there’s more to it than a gut feeling. In fact, there’s a lot more to it. […]

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The Truth About Network Marketing: How To Earn $10,000

This is probably the most significant post I’ve ever written regarding network marketing and direct sales business.   So I hope you’ll read it all the way to catch the golden nuggets. Here’s the truth: You can make a lot of money in  network marketing… IF you understand the business. […]

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How to WIN in Network Marketing & Direct Sales

It’s been said that “95% of people don’t succeed in network marketing”.  This may or may not be true.  All I can tell you is that IT IS possible to win in this business. You just need to know HOW TO WIN.  And I am going to share with you […]

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2 Network Marketing Myths That’s Killing Your Business

If you are struggling in your business (like most people are in this industry), then this is for you. 2 NETWORK MARKETERS MYTHS THAT’S KILlING YOUR BUSINESS MYTH #1 : YOUR PRODUCTS SELL THEMSELVES Wrong. If it’s true, then we don’t need sales people do we? We don’t need to […]

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Facebook Marketing For Direct Sellers & Network Marketers

Facebook Changes Affecting Network Marketers & Direct Sellers The warning came in November and today is the roll out day. What a way to start the new year! But before  you stress yourself out on these changes, know that your best defence is to educate yourself and tackle these challenges […]

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Marketing and Sales Tips

What do you do when your prospect tells you: your product is too expensive? I’ve seen amateurs get defensive when asked this question— they even argue with the prospects.   Don’t feel bad if you’ve done this because most of us have. In fact,  I’ve done it myself when I […]

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Who Cares?

  No matter how great is your business opportunity, no matter if your product “sells itself”, nobody really cares… …until  you care about the person you are selling to. That’s the honest truth, that most people in direct sales and network marketing are afraid to talk about. Why?  Because, like […]

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Attracting The BEST Recruit

  In my e-book 25 Ways To Grow Your Direct Sales & Network Marketing Business, I talked about attracting the ideal recruit for your dream business. And I am going to elaborate more in here.  By the way, if you haven’t downloaded that FREE ebook – you should go ahead […]

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Direct Sales Success Without Selling

  My confession is that I’ve always hated selling.  I’ve hated to be sold to, so I don’t enjoy doing it. Although I was practically born while my mother was selling door to door (more like mountain to mountain), and followed my mother’s footsteps after she passed on, I have […]

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