Growing Your Business With Networking and Social Networking

When I was in the Insurance industry way back in the 80’s, the only way to survive in the business was through networking.  That was the social network at the time before Facebook and Linkedin or Twitter. I hated it of course  like everyone else, but I had no choice […]

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Online Marketing: Let Customers Come To You

What My iShopathome Inbox Looks Like It tickles me whenever I see prospects looking to buy from my ishopathome  members, for it means, my efforts and their’s are working. There’s a big shift in marketing that’s been happening in the last 5 years. Surveys have shown that consumers are getting […]

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The Money Is In The Follow Up: Direct Sales Company Consultants

  I’ve been receiving some odd inquiries (not really odd but I can’t find the word to describe it right now) such as: “Hello I have the … (name of company removed) navy stripped wallet and the blues stripes are turning colour and part of the strap broke. I had […]

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How To Sell Direct Sales Products On Pinterest

  Today, I wanted to share something really exciting with you. I have been testing a few things on the ishopathome site to get more people to visit and see all your wonderful products.    And one of the things that I focusing on is Pinterest. It’s a very cool […]

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Direct Sales Consultants: Are You On Linkedin?

Rodan and Field Consultant Dominating Linkedin Are you in Direct Sales or Network Marketing? When you Google or search your name or the name of the company you represent, does it show up on the search results? If not, you might be missing the biggest online marketing opportunity. I was […]

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How To Rock Your Online Marketing & Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you are not rocking your online marketing and attracting new customers,  read on… If you are wondering why you haven’t been getting the results you’ve expected in your “online promotion”, it may be because you are doing it wrong.  You can spend all your time on Facebook or Twitter […]

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Direct Seller’s Guide To Handling Objections

  Direct Selling or Selling for that matter is a skill most of us would rather avoid learning. Probably because we are turned off by ameateur or pushy sales people and therefore never wish to be associated with such activity. But really… it’s not that big of a deal. As […]

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