Product Review: Tupperware Jel-Ring Mold

  Tupperware – Jel-Ring Mold This is a classic Tupperware item that most people probably remember from their grandmother’s cupboards – the Jel-Ring Mold.  This is definitely one of my favourite. You can make a variety of super delicious concoctions with this kitchen gadget. It is actually a 3 piece […]

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Atomy Review: Is This For Real?

MY JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH & LOOKING GOOD I’ve always had iron deficiency. My sister and I share this condition which scared me, because my mother died of Leukemia when I was 8 years old.   We both tried to fix the problem unsuccessfully for the longest time.  I’ve tried […]

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10 Signs That You May Have Gluten Intolerance

10 Signs That You May Have Gluten Intolerance 1. Have you noticed that after a meal you have a hard time digesting food? You have bloating, gas, diarrhea and even constipation. Children will have more signs constipation after eating the gluten. 2. Ever have “chicken skin” on the back of […]

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3 Hair Problems that Women Struggle With and How to Solve Them

The holiday season is here! Don’t panic! Ok maybe panic a little because photos will be taken and everyone is going to see your hair! Have you been stressing about how to make your hair look amazing this holiday event season?  One of the things that makes a woman feel […]

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5 Fall Decorating Essentials

When summer is over, it’s time to warm things up a bit and get our homes ready for those comfortable, long, cozy nights by the fire. But the thought of redecorating can be daunting for most of us.  So here are some simple tips that you can try to cozy […]

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I am Fall—ing In Love!

Fall Shopping… The fall accessories I’ve been seeing lately are just too irresistible. Take this bag from Thirty One Gifts for example: isn’t this goooorgeous?   I confessed, I went ahead and bought it! It’s the perfect match for my black and brown coats that seem to have lost their […]

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Tocara Jewely—New Product Launch

I needed some fresh air,  and what’s the best thing to do? Attend a direct sales party  of course! I was invited by Carla Beck – a Tocara Star Diamond Director,  to the launch of their  Fall/Winter collections 2014, held at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge, Ontario. Their main speaker […]

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My Honest Review Of Nerium Product Optimera

  I was fortunate enough to be given the OPTIMERA [day and night cream] from Nerium to try by Kelly  Culver. There’s been a lot of buzz around Nerium launched into Canada and although it was exciting, I have seen a lot of product launch that I didn’t really pay […]

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Face The World Beautifully

How to face the world Have you ever felt like, the harder you push on a given project [like working from home] the harder it is to get things done? Well, that’s how I felt yesterday. I was frustrated and borderline depressed. Nothing was going right. Just plain shitty! So […]

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Tupperware Sales

The months before Christmas is usually the time when big brands and business owners start their holiday promotion. And this is the best time to get the items you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself or for your home. Sure you can wait for boxing day to snap these deals […]

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