Jolica: Fashion with a Mission

NOTE: JOLICA IS  NO LONGER IN BUSINESS I never would have thought Fashion and Mission would come together. Although there have been several Fashion Companies having their own Foundations but there’s one company that I would like to commend, and that is Jolica. Jolica practices social entrepreneurship by offering handcrafted […]

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Avon Canada – You’ve Come A Long Way!

Not too long ago ( as far as I can remember), Avon carried only cosmetics, jewelries and teddy bears. But now, I see  beautiful clothes and accessories. They surely have come a long way. When Was The Last Time You’ve Seen An Avon Catalog? I have to admit, I have […]

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Where Are The Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

I have worked on selling almost every conceivable product from home. I made money on some of them, but the majority of the time, I spent more money on trying to “make it work” and buying the “training” and “training materials” which promised me thousands of dollars in profit. But […]

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Choosing A Home-Based Business

Choosing A Business When choosing a business to start from home, it is important to keep in mind how you are going to promote it. Many of us are not good at salesmanship. So going door to door might be too overwhelming. So figuring out how you are going to […]

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Working At Home And It’s Rewards

My daughter handed me a sealed envelope today. Inside was an invitation from her teacher that said “It is with great pleasure that I am writing to inform you that your child will be receiving the Friendship award at our assembly this Friday March 7th.” Needless to say, it made […]

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Work at home | Home Based Business

The A-Ha Moment….. I started my home based business to earn a little bit of extra money, to get out of the house once in a while, basically to feel like I wasn’t ONLY put on this earth to clean house and change diapers! I went to a training weekend […]

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How to Work From Home

I have been working from home since the birth of my 3rd child in 1999 and I have to say I am enjoying every minute of it. It is now possible more than ever for anyone to make money with jobs from home. I am not talking about “stuffing envelopes”, […]

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MSNBC Mad Money: Direct Sales is a recession proof industry…

In the last couple of months, our politicians couldn’t decide whether we are in recession or not. But now, every newspaper in the country seems to be making money telling us how bad our economy is every single day. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing it. Not only […]

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At Home Party and In Home Party Business

Home Parties and Direct Sales   I was on twitter this morning and Melody Thucker, an old client and friend tweeted this @melodythacker. Did you know that 70% of direct sales selling happens between Labor day and Christmas? I didn’t know that! I know direct sales usually picks up around […]

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Work At Home

Don’t Fall For These Work At Home Scams Can you Spot a Work from Home Scam? Work from home opportunity scams have been around for decades. I remember seeing these ads on telephone poles as well as the local newspapers in the 80’s. But today, scammers have become way more […]

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