Bears ‘N’ Buddies

Bears ‘N’ Buddies

Build A Bear

Your Son or Daughter wants to have a fun home birthday party, and you are thinking about all those kids running around your home.  Your first answer is no, I don’t think so…..STOP right there.  Our birthday party kits offer a fun way to jazz up any birthday party without kids running all over the house.

Our birthday party kits offer you a craft idea and there’s no need for loot bags full of dollar store trinkets that often end up broken or in the trash.  Imagine the excitement of any child when they create their own stuffed animals or doll or even a stuffable purse. – No sewing required

Our birthday kits include everything for a great party from the animals’ kits and even balloons.

It is so simple to do your own Bears ‘n’ Buddies Birthday Party!!

  • Send out the Invitations
  • When the guests arrive get them to decorate T-Shirts for their new animals they are making (T-Shirts sold separately from our Birthday Kits)
  • Then the fun begins as they start stuffing their animals.
  • Then you do a special ceremony to put the wishing star inside the animals.
  • Then they must complete the Adoption Certificate so they officially own their new friend.
  • Now they can put the T-Shirt on their new friend.  You could even go to your local dollar store and get some headbands or kids sunglasses so they can accessorize their new friend.

The above steps would have taken 1 hour to do; now all you have to do is serve the food and open the gifts and your 2 hour birthday party is done!!

Now isn’t that simple to do!!

So when your son or daughter ask if they can have a home birthday…now you don’t have to worry about kids running around the house as your Bears ‘n’ Buddies Birthday Party will keep your guests busy!




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