Jolica Canada

Jolica Canada

A Company that believes in giving.

Jolica was started by ed and Darlene Loewen in 2005. They both spend their childhood years in developing countries filled with interesting designed pieces. They saw the need and struggle of these Artisans who made these pieces. And soon enough they realized that these pieces are relevant in other countries, thus Jolica was created.

Designer jewelry, unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories from Artisans around the world. Five percent of all Jolica sales goes towards helping to support Artisans, their families and communities in developing countries. They produc handbags, jewelry and scarves, each uniquely made by an Artisan from around the globe.

Not only are their products unique, their direct selling approach is also unique. They call their sales reps Jolica Ambassadors. They encourage their ambassadors not only to promote Jolica products but also Fair Trade.



Jolica Ambassadors share Jolica products to their network through email and social media, directing people to a personalized website of the ambassador.Jolica ambassadors earn free products,  can purchase up to 2 half-price items each month and earn 20% of purchases on their products.

Joining Jolica is not just earning, enjoying and meeting new friends. It is the act of giving that makes one Jolica ambassador fulfilled.





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