by on September 5, 2013

MiEssence, the company started from a group of Australian friends in 2003 who have the same ideology: helping other people through making products that would take care of their health as well as their environment. MiEssesnce is a line of organic health and beauty care products that will not disappoint you.  If you’ve started to read labels and are often disappointed with what you find then look no further.  Miessence products are always created with the cleanest possible ingredients using certified organic goods in most cases.

MiEssence boasts of its extensive range of certified organic products, the world’s first. Their products are delivered fresh, being just made, to ensure that you get the fully potent active ingredients. And to top it all, MiEssence manufacturing is certified carbon negative, ensuring that they also take care of the environment. Not only that, their farms are certified organic land and their farmers do organic farming.


Their products range from skin, hair, body and oral care; cosmetics, nutrition and home care. All these products are made in full organic ingredients.

MiEssence also provides opportunities at a low cost, believing that anyone can improve their quality of life. They offer positions for Product Purchasers as well as Representatives.




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