How To Join Ishopathome?

  1. Go to the membership page and choose the membership that fits you.
  2. Click the JOIN NOW button. That link will take you to PayPal to pay for the membership and then re-directs you to Ishopathome’s membership form to create your profile. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WHILE IN PROGRESS 
  3. Once we receive your payment and completed profile form, we will review and upload it within 48hours or less. Click here to go to the membership page.

What Should I Put On My Profile?

Your personal profile is what attracts customers to you. It is your single most lucrative asset on the site.  So create it with that in mind.  Here are some tips:

  • Username: Use a username that make sense to Google and people who are looking for you. I recommend a combination of the province or city you are in, your company, and your first name. Example: TorontowebdesignImie.  The system uses your username as your profile web address. Your profile URL will look like this: http://www.ishopathome.ca/member/torontowebdesignimie/.  You will have a better chance at appearing on Google when people search your company locally. Caution: Don’t make it too long. Keep it short and clear.
  • Make your bio more compelling and search engine friendly. In addition to your keyword friendly username, use keywords that relate to your business on the first line of your bio. For example: If you are a Mary Kay consultant in Toronto, you would start your bio with: I am Susie – Mary Kay Consultant Toronto.
  • Use active voice and strong verbs such as: I help women who want to look beautiful all the time without spending  a lot of money and hours in front of the mirror. I teach women age-defying beauty tricks and tips that deliver results.

Special note: This system makes it easy for you to create another profile when and if you change companies in the future; since you cannot re-use the same username.

What Happen When I Stop Selling For A Company?

If you stop being a rep for a company, let us know by  e-mailing us at admin AT (replace AT with @) ishopathome.ca,  so we can deactivate your account.

I am a Rep for Several Direct Sales Companies?

That’s not a problem, you have an option to add up to 3 companies in your profile for the same price.  BUT (this is important), if you deactivate any of the companies you originally listed on your profile, your whole account will be deactivated and you must re-apply for a new membership.

Can I get a Refund?

No. Due to the nature of online advertising, your promotion will go live once uploaded.

I am On Subscription, How Can I Stop My Monthly Payment?

If you are in a monthly payment subscription plan  and no longer wish to continue your membership, you can “unsubscribe” through paypal. Click the button bellow and follow the instructions:

How Do I Edit My Profile?

On the Ishopathome.ca homepage, you will see on the top right corner a small button that says – LOG IN.  Click on it, log in and edit your profile.

I lost My Password?

When you try to login,  you will see the phrase “lost password”. Click on it and follow the directions.

 I Want To Pay By Check or Money Transfer From My Bank?

We use PayPal as our payment gateway and they accept, credit cards,  checks and bank transfers as payment. We do not accept personal checks directly.



Ishopathome is Canada's online shopping network of over 100 independent direct sellers and boutique owners. Our sellers carry brand names and unique products not usually available at retail stores.