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Attention: Dynamic entrepreneurial women in Direct Sales & Network Marketing

Do you HATE cold calling? 

Are you running out of friends to sell to?

Have you depleted your “warm market”? 

Do you want prospects to come to you instead of you chasing them?

And are you tired of recruits who are not performing despite your best efforts?

If you answered  YES to any of these, then let me show you how to explode your direct sales business and become a magnet for customers who are looking for your products online.

You are about to EXPERIENCE:

  • Maximum exposure to people who are looking to buy from you
  • Attract women who are looking to start a home-based business
  • Be recognized as a trusted business builder with your lifetime business listing on Ishopathome for as long as you are with the same company
  • The magical effects of magnetic marketing  – the system that  continually and automatically put prospects into your sales funnel 24/7, so you can truly work less and make more

If your business is feeling kind of blah… and not really going anywhere

… it’s time to take your business from BORING to MAGNETIC!

Why Ishopathome?  Good question!

Ishopathome is a community of dynamic entrepreneurial women who focuses on getting results, ditching excuses and enjoying the journey of mutual attraction and support from women who share the same values.

We don’t like cold calls, we don’t enjoy chasing people with our products, but rather, we want to inspire women to be their best.

If you are in a place where you want to grow – then this is for you!

 PULL OUT all the stops to your SUCCESS and
open the doors to more customers and associates!


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Associate Membership for Lead Generation

This starter plan gives you exclusive access to:

  • Ishopathome business lead generation profile page on our members area. Your special listing includes your personal bio, contact info, social media links, website URL and up to five product images to further highlight your best selling products
  • A chance to be featured on our spotlight video series

Monthly Subscription Payment of $7.50 CAD

“It really is a “no brainer” offer. If you are not visible online (via Google and other search engines) and if your message is not compelling enough, you will have a hard time attracting interest.”

Here are what some of our long time members have to say:

“I have been an Ishopathome member for over 2 years now, at first for my business and now as an independent rep for Epicure Selections. I absolutely feel as though Ishopathome has helped out with my home businesses! I have received many requests for information both on products and also inquiries on joining in my business. I have made great friends, both on a business and personal level through my involvement with Ishopathome! I fully intend on continuing my advertisement on the site, and recommend it to any other home business ladies that I meet – either in person or online.

Kudos to Ishopathome for a job well done!”

Kelly Dash

“I discovered while browsing another website and quickly decided that it was a site worth belonging to. The staffs at Ishopathome were quickly responsive to my e-mail inquiries and the website is kept current with new members, special and information. I joined and posted a month long recruiting special. Out of that ad, I had 4 new recruits joined my team! Keep up the great work. It’s great to see a site centered in Canada for Canadian Consumers!”

Amie Lewis – Home Interiors

If Your Name or Business Is Not On First Page Of Google,

Then Give Us A Try



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