Seller’s Favourite Products You Can Have

by Imie for iShopathome on February 29, 2016

Seller’s Favourite Products You Can Have

Spring time is when I clean my make up drawers and kitchen cupboards, and throw away expired products to make rooms for new stuff.

One of my favourite make up powder is… believe it or not from AVON.  This is the first thing I noticed missing when I looked in my drawer.  So I had to order this baby right away.  It’s a mineral powder that I use over my concealer when I am in a hurry.  I love anything mineral (gentler on the skin), but this one is by far my fav.


Avon Mineral Powder

This one gorgeous necklace comes with 3 sets of spikes, so you can mix and match with any outfit.  This would be perfect with a white summer dress.   Terri of Color by Amber submitted this one.


Ignite Necklace

Can you drink something delicious and reset your body at the same time, helping you to lose weight?  Tracee Read think so.

Put your body in ketosis



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