No matter how great is your business opportunity, no matter if your product “sells itself”, nobody really cares…

…until  you care about the person you are selling to. That’s the honest truth, that most people in direct sales and network marketing are afraid to talk about.

Why?  Because, like any other truth bombs, it’s kind of hard to swallow.

But here’s the good news. Once you passed that point, you’ll discover that you do much better in persuading others if you understand that people don’t give a shit about you, your product, or your business proposal. What they care deeply about are themselves.

Let’s take YOU for example; what you care about right now is probably  making  extra money on the side, so you can pay off  your mounting bills, right?  Why else would you be in direct sales or network marketing?

Let’s put it another way. Have you ever experience a bad date?

Where your date wanted more than a kiss on the first date without really getting to know you first?

You’d swear NEVER to see him again. Because, after a brief conversation, you realized that he was not really listening to you or interested in you but rather wanted to take you to bed as fast as he could.

You’d label him a jerk.

A bad sales conversation is like a bad date! It’s icky.

But you can avoid this awkward situation if you practice some of the principles I’ve shared on this ebook.  Listen to what your customer is telling you. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing just because you think that’s how it should be done.   You will discover later on that it doesn’t work.

The marketing landscape has changed, yet network marketers haven’t changed their ways.  They try to blast their promo everywhere without regard to who is reading, or how they are perceived (mostly likely as spammers).

As consumers, we are sick and tired of the constant bombardment 24/7 from marketers (and “friends”), so we tune-out or unfollow them.  Our attention span have dramatically decreased and so is our patience.

To overcome this barriers and resistance from consumers, marketers must learn to connect with their prospects.

Have you experience resistance from people when you talk about your product or opportunity and wish there is a way to persuade them?  Let me know by commenting below.  Would love to hear it.

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