Why She Hasn’t Called You Back

by Imie for iShopathome on January 24, 2014

Direct Sales TIP: Give her reasons to call back

A sales lady left this message in my voicemail:

“Hi, It’s Amanda again and I would appreciate it if you can call me back. Thank you.”

I don’t know this person. She hasn’t given me info on who she is or why she was calling.  But one thing is for sure, she hasn’t given me any reasons to call her back.

You see, I don’t owe her a call back.  I don’t care about whatever it is she is calling about.  It is her JOB to make me want to call back.  I am busy, and I don’t call people without knowing what they want from me and why.

I know it’s asking too much, but in this day and age when time is as limited as money; there’s not enough to go around.

I can understand her frustration because I am also in sales, however, there are better ways  to get a call back from your prospects besides simply hounding them. And I’ve put some of my tips here for you.

5 Ways To Get Return Calls From Prospects

1.  Think like them.  Ask yourself why they should surrender their time to call you, and work your message to make them WANT to call you back.

2. Speak like a journalist instead of a sales person.  Put your headline at the top and details at the end.  Value comes first.

3. Be clear and concise, or don’t bother.  State your name, what the call is about, what’s in it for them, and how to reach you. Repeat your phone number twice.

4.  Do not leave your company name.  No one cares about your company.  And it actually makes them not to call you back.  A name and why  you are calling is good enough. But they want to know what you can do for them.

Here are some hot scripts for you: “Hi Agnes, this is Sue, I have the information you wanted.”  “Hi Agnes, this is Sue, I am offering 40% off the product you wanted, just for today and thought I’d let  you know.”

5.  Ask questions.  “Hi Agnes, did you get the information I sent you about possibly saving $500 this month?  If not, please call me so I can resend it to you.”

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Anne Lamont Key August 2, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Question about not leaving your company name. When I am following up on a lead who wanted to book a party, the person I am calling likely will not recall my name, but would recall meeting me at an event etc. Is it not too cryptic to not leave your company name?
Anne, Discovery Toys


Imie for iShopAtHome August 3, 2014 at 1:33 pm

That’s an excellent question Anne!

This is one of the things that many direct sellers and marketers struggles with because it’s ingrained in our brain to tell people about our company.

But we all know that a CALL FROM A COMPANY means a sales pitch. Even if they try to cover it with “a courtesy call”.

Why did she want to book a party? What was her “needs” that you think you could fulfill? Is there a specific toy she wanted to have for her kid(s)? If you call her with that in mind, your company name is irrelevant.

Remember – just because we LOVE our company doesn’t mean our potential customers do as well – UNTIL they fall in love with it.

I would call her with something like this “Hi Sue, this is Anne, I am calling to find out about the FREE toys you wanted for your daughter Samantha”. You are reminding her of the pleasure of owning something for her precious little one for FREE.

Whereas if you call with something like “Hi Sue, this is Anne, I am calling to follow up on you hosting a “company’ party”, you are reminding her of the work and the fear of people not showing up to her party.

Let me know how it goes:)


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