The A-Ha Moment…..

I started my home based business to earn a little bit of extra money, to get out of the house once in a while, basically to feel like I wasn’t ONLY put on this earth to clean house and change diapers!

I went to a training weekend a while back and during that weekend it hit me! Having a home based business does not have to be “something that housewives do for fun”…. There IS good money to be made. You CAN be proud of yourself, your accomplishments, YOUR business! I sat talking to some women who have done the business for a while and make REALLY good money, a LOT more than I used to make full time at a well paying J.O.B. Imagine, making a 6 figure salary, working on your own terms, your chosen times, AND being there for your family? Wow – that really motivated me! It IS possible and I WILL do it!

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