Attention: Dynamic entrepreneurial women in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and Artisans

Do you HATE cold calling? 

Are you running out of friends to sell to?

Have you depleted your “warm market”? 

Do you want prospects to come to you instead of you chasing them?

You are not the promotional type?

And are you tired of promoting your business all over the place on your lonesome self?


The Queen of England famously said, “I need to be seen to be believed”.

Yup! We believe that too! You too need to be seen all over the place to make a DENT on your marketing, because it’s a busy world out there. And you can’t do it alone! We understand there are so many things going on in our lives as business owners and one needs a little hand in marketing and promotion.

We are your business best friend (officially your bff) once you become a member. To advocate for you. To shout to the world that you are awesome!

We have your back girlfriend!


Because You’re About To Experience:

  • Maximum exposure to people who are looking to buy from you
  • Attract women who are looking to start a home-based business
  • Be recognized as a trusted business builder with your business directory listing on Ishopathome
  • The magical effects of the attraction marketing system that  continually and automatically put prospects into your sales funnel 24/7, so you can truly work less and make more

If your business is feeling kind of blah… and not really going anywhere

… it’s time to take your business to the next level!

Stand out. Be seen. Be heard.

Why iShopathome? 

Good question!

Ishopathome is one of the top Canadian destination websites for direct sellers, network marketers, artisans, crafters and work-at-home opportunity seekers. It’s a community of dynamic entrepreneurial women who focuses on getting results, ditching excuses and enjoying the journey of mutual attraction and support from women who share the same values.

We’ve been helping women promote their businesses since 2003 and are well recognized.

We have a sizable social media following.

We don’t like cold calls, we don’t enjoy chasing people with our products, but rather, we want to inspire women to be their best.

If you are in a place where you want to grow—then this is for you!

 Pull out all the stops to your success and
open the doors to more customers, collaborators, and associates!

Benefits Of Being An iShopathome Member

  • 2 year listing on our popular Direct Sales and Network Marketing or Artisan Boutiques, thus generating leads and raising the profile of your business
  • 2 year listing on the Marketplace ($100 value)
  • Opportunity to be featured in our articles, or online interviews for maximum exposure which act as a third party recommendation, that may lead to more traffic to your website ($100 value)
  • Receive direct referral through our “catalogue request” feature ($50 value)
  • As an iShopathome member, you automatically become a VIP MEMBER in our private Facebook group, allowing you to promote your business once a month ($50 value)
  • Inclusion of your promotion in our weekly newsletter that goes out to our over 1000 (and growing) subscribers ($100 value)
  • Social media exposure, promotional shoutout and shares to help you increase awareness of your brand, business and offers ($100 value)
  • An opportunity to present at our multiple events throughout the year ($75 value)
  • Six months free admission to our regular Heartlink Networking online events ($150 value)
  • Collaborative opportunities with other vendors

All for just $249 Canadian.


Advertising Policies & Limitations

  • Advertisers must be based in Canada or have a Canadian branch
  • Please be aware that we can only promote advertising from companies that we can legitimately recommend to our readers and followers
  • All ads are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. There’s a limit  of 3 consultants per company per province, 1  per city
  • There are no refunds after we publish your ad on the iShopathome website
  • We’ll do our best to remove your ad when you stop doing the business, and upon receiving notification from you, but cannot guarantee
  • For user-generated content: we reserve the right to make additions or deletions to the text or graphics prior to publication
  • Your name or links on blog posts and/or articles will be removed when your membership expires and is not renewed
  • By placing any and all advertising orders with iShopathome, you are agreeing to our advertising policies

What Our Advertisers Are Saying…

“I had signed up with just to have another avenue of getting myself ‘out there.

I wrote a little blog post for it, it was really nice and then I just went off for a few months and let the spot ruminate and do its thing.

Then just before Christmas, I got an email that someone was requesting a catalogue. I was surprised, at first…she’d been looking for a new network marketing company to partner with so of course I was hoping she would be all fired up and wanting to work with me…So fast forward to yesterday. She made her first purchase from me. We have established wonderful communication with each other and already have a very open and trusting relationship. She is going to be taking part in a program I am piloting for thirty days and I also discovered that her former profession is one that requires a lot of bravery and a real sense of integrity. I respect her even more now.

I’m really pleased so far with Ishopathome.”

Sarah Hare—Usana

“If you have a home-based business, you should check out @imiebelanger (ishopathome) page. I’ve been with her for years and get good referrals from her site. “

Rosa Taggart—Princess House

“I discovered iShopathome while browsing another website and quickly decided that it was a site worth belonging to.  The staff at iShopathome were quickly responsive to my e-mail inquiries and the website is kept current with new members, special and information. I joined and posted a month-long recruitment special. Out of that ad, I had 4 new recruits join my team!  Keep up the good work!  It’s great to see a site centred in Canada for Canadian consumers!” 

Amie Lewis—Home Interiors

“I have appreciated the efforts you have put into iShopathome, your newsletter and blog.  When I was looking for a company to represent, I went to ishopathome and found a wonderful company.  When I decided to start my own business, I immediately signed up with iShopathome.  It has done wonders for my business.  Thank you! The majority of my leads have come from iShopathome.  Practically on a weekly basis, I get enquiries about my company from ishopathome.  It is a wonderful place for people to look at all the companies that are out there to compare.  Many of the enquiries I got from ishopathome have become customers and some even Distributors for Maple Tree Hill!”

Vanessa Vance—Mapletree Hill

“I have been an iShopathome member for over 2 years now, at first my business and now as an independent rep for Epicure Selections.  I absolutely feel as though ishopathome helped out with my home business! I have received many requests for information both on products and also inquiries on joining my business.  I have made great friends, both on a business and personal level through my involvement with iShopathome! I fully intend on continuing my advertisement on the site, and recommend it to any other home business ladies that I meet—either in person or online.  

Kudos to iShopathome for a job well done!”

Kelly Dash—Independent Rep for Epicure Selections