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MITZIFY CANADA — Handbags, Purse, Skincare, and Jewely Products

Mitzify Canada

What’s in your bag?

Mitzify bags are created by a woman for women. These bags are functional, stylish, and fashionable. Made in timeless vegan leather. The upscale and multi-function purses are roomy enough to hold everything you need to carry in your bag. It’s too beautiful to be an everyday bag–but you’ll manage!

LA DANSE DES SAVONS — Luxuriosly Handcrafted Uniquely For You

La danse-des-savons

Luxuriously handcrafted soaps just for you! Because washing your body should be a luxurious experience that awakens all of your senses.

These artisanal soaps from Quebec are made to clean and invigorate your body so you can face the world with a smile.

Z’AILES D’AIGLE BY ÉLODIE — Intuitive and Spiritual Art

Intuitive Art

Passionately handcrafted and personalized art and jewelry created from second-hand materials. Each work of art carries with it something more than an expression of yourself. Pieces are all handcrafted in Élodie Quebec studio.


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