Not too long ago ( as far as I can remember), Avon carried only cosmetics, jewelries and teddy bears. But now, I see  beautiful clothes and accessories.

They surely have come a long way.

When Was The Last Time You’ve Seen An Avon Catalog?

I have to admit, I have not seen one for a while. I actually thought of Avon when I was looking for a bug spray alternative and remembered that their Skin So Soft body spray did the trick.  Yup, it’s a bug spray but of course they are not going to associate a body spray with a bug spray but many people swear by it – try Googling it and you’ll see what I mean.

Today, if you really love Avon, you won’t have to wait for an actual Avon Catalogue. You can just your Avon lady or go to their website and looked for the “E-Brochures” posted on the sirte. Yes, you heard it right, E-Brochure, this is the fastest way to present your products nowadays, and Avon has it for you. This is actually the same hardcopy you see from Avon Reps.

Avon Makeup

They have been adding some pretty awesome cosmetics line in their catalog.  One of my favourite is their Smooth Mineral Makeup.  I have several shades that I mix and match with my foundation and bronzing powders.  Mineral makeup are light, more natural and non-clogging to pores and I can’t say enough good things about mineral makeup. In fact, I’ve done a review several years ago because I just love this product. Sure, you can purchase the more expensive brands but I see no reason for it. If you want to spend money on your skin, then buy the best skin care products and pay less for your makeup.  That’s my advice as a certified Aesthetician.

Avon has the best make-up line that is both affordable and commendable. It has been proven and tested throughout the years and has been trusted by many countries around the globe. Their lipsticks are even bestsellers and endorsed by many great celebrities. Check out this post on Avon’s Extra Lasting Lipstick.

How to Become an Avon Representative and Sell Avon Products

The good thing about loving Avon’s products is the opportunity to share it with your friends and enjoy a second source of income . It think it’s the easiest business to get into; part-time or full-time. I mean who doesn’t need makeup?  And how hard is it to tell your girlfriends to buy their makeup from you?

Avon Lady Can Sit and Sell At Home

Gone are the days when the Avon Rep or my Avon Lady (as they  are famously referred) go door to door selling Avon.  Thanks to technology and social networks, you can easily sell avon from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t even have to deliver the products.  Avon Canada will deliver your customer’s orders right to their front door while you pocket the commission.

How awesome is that?

Although in some countries, where the internet is not available to most homes, the door to door method is still the way to sell avon.

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