Thank goodness for THINK GOODNESS!

Origami Owl rebranded itself and now called THINK GOODNESS. A brand collective on a mission to spread kindness and goodness through their mission and products. 

Origami owl was a leading custom jewelry direct sales company  based in Arizona USA, specializing in custom lockets and charm bracelet. It launched in Canada in 2015.

 “We are curators of the best goods, by the best brands. Aligned with our quality and mission standards….”

The Think Goodness brand includes Origami Owl, Willing Beauty, CMYK Cosmetics, Intuitive Wellness. A great expansion that allows anyone who is passionate about jewelries, beauty, and wellnesss can now represent one company that provides these wonderful products to consumers.  And I think this is great for direct sellers, network marketers and the consumers; to be able to buy multiple product categories from one representative.