Health and Weight Loss Challenge

Vi Visalus is a company  that believes the 3 pillar to success are: Life, Health & Prosperity.   Visalus was founded by three men: Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. The company promotes good nutrition as a foundation to health and weight loss. The challenge is to lose 10 lbs at a time.

Their products are categorized into different Challenge Kits: Balance Kits, for you to get and stay healthy; Shape Kits, to slim down and shape up; Core Kits, to help support your active lifestyle; Transformation Kits, for maximum weight loss; and Fit Kits, for athletic performance. These kits include shakes, mix-ins, snacks, tablets, supplements,energy boosters, vitamins and more

Body By Vi

The Challenge

First step is to set a goal. It may be to lose weight, optimal physique or an active and athletic lifestyle. Next step is to select a kit that will best match your 90-day goal. And lastly enter to win! Submit your results to them to win weekly, monthly or the grand prize!

“Combining good nutrition, education and our passionate Promoter network, ViSalus is committed to fighting the biggest threat to our physical well-being and the fastest-growing cause of preventable death—obesity.”

Distributors earn residual income by  sharing  Body by Vi™ Challenge with others.  The company promotes good nutrition as an integral part of weight loss and total health.