Yoli is a Network Marketing company that sells health and wellness products. If you are looking for vitality in life and more energy to do the things that you want then Yoli might be your answer. Launched in March 2015, with a mission to build a community of healthy entrepreneurs with their products and systems that put you in optimal health. The company goal is to educate, equip, and support you to reach new heights in all areas of your life. They provide powerful resources and a community of like-minded people to optimize your journey.

Transforming Lives With Healthy Body System & Products

The company’s best-selling weight loss product is the Better Body System which can be purchased through a Yoli Consultant. It’s a health-restoring program/kit that focuses on a set of nutritional supplements to make it easy for anyone to choose and start in their quest for better health and weight loss.

How to be a consultant or distributor

Just like any multi-level marketing company, you simply find a consultant (listed here) to join. The starting commission is 20% of product sales.