Create Your Own Chemical Free Home With Enjo

Eco friendly cleaning supplies.

Clean mechanically instead of chemically with Enjo’s fibers. Have an eco friendly home. Enjo uses patented fiber technology and just water to remove up to 100% of all bacteria on surfaces. Save money and time while protecting natural resources with waste reduction and eliminating up to 90% of your household chemicals. Our products are made to last 2-3years and are completely recyclable. Enjo is an ISO certified company and has been given HACCP certification along with many other awards and certifications. Hard to believe…..easy to use!

I personally love their Enjo-eco friendly products.  I bought a set of cleaning  fibers 5-6 years ago and I still use them today.  The hardest thing for me to clean is the stove with all the grease, specially the stove hood and the only thing I use to clean it is my Enjo green glove.


Just Enjo & water are all you need to clean your home. The fibers are washable and re-usable.

You can use Enjo Products for almost everything such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Car
  • Outdoors
  • Tools

If I sound like an advocate, that is because I’ve used the product. I don’t sell it but I’ve been a happy customer and I only bought these products once – 6 years ago.