Have A Tea Party With Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea began with the search for the perfect cup of tea. In 2006, Steeped Tea started as one of Tonia Jahshan’s extraordinary tea party, that everyone enjoyed. The secret of Steeped Tea is who you share your tea with. Today Steeped Tea is part of the PROFIT 500′s list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and is the No. 1 and Industry Leader in the Food Processing and Distribution Sector.

Steeped Tea products include; different kinds and flavors of teas, lattes and hot chocolates, gourmet foods, recipes, soap and bath items, tea wares and more.

Become A Steeped Tea Consultant

Steeped Tea offers an opportunity for you to become one of their consultants. You get to meet new friends, have fun, be flexible and enjoy a cup of tea. As tea is the second highest consumed beverage after water, there is a huge potential for you to earn more. With Steeped Tea, you earn up to 30% in commissions, receive residual (ongoing) commissions with our Tea-Zer Program, join National Conference and Gala Awards Ceremony, opportunity for exciting rewards & travel and more!

Connect with a Steeped Tea group leader today! If you are interested on their products, contact your nearest Steeped Tea consultant.

Steeped Tea: The best teas, hot chocolates and accessories available in the USA and Canada. Also available for events, tea parties and fundraisers.