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Experience the excitement of selling directly to people who are looking for your products and opportunities!

It’s time to SHINE online!


The Women In Networking Autumn Marketplace Expo! is all about SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE.

iShopathome provides the platform for you to showcase your products and SELL to people who have bought products from direct sellers, network marketers and artisans.


Getting noticed online is hard! It’s crazy busy!

Not all your fans and friends can see your post, no matter how hard you’ve tried. Charlotte and I are influencers. We use the power of the internet and social media to get clients, customers, build relationships, and collaborate with other powerful people to expand our network and reach. We can help you.

We are your business advocate! We showcase you and your business on our website and social media.


  • Get 8-10 minutes airtime (live or video) presentation on our page the week of the expo
  • An interview with us (live or video recording) to position you to the world as a leader in your industry
  • 2-years business listing on marketplace directory and Direct Sales & Marketing directory–limited to 3 per company)
  • You get direct referral through our “catalogue request” feature.  When we receive a catalogue request through the form on our website, the request is sent to our advertisers–you.
  • We’ll introduce you to our online followers, and to our over 1000 email subscribers through our weekly newsletter
  • Ishopathome will follow your page, and will share your posts, so more people will see your posts
  • Your video presentation will be posted on the iShopathome website, Facebook page, and other social networks
  • Cross-promotion with other vendors who will have a minimum of 400 followers to participate
  • Opportunity to sell your product when you offer specials, discounts, gifts, and awards
  • An opportunity to be personally promoted on our profile (based on engagement & participation)
  • As a member, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate at our BOXING WEEK marketplace
  • Promote yourself once a month in our private Facebook group as a #VIPMEMBER
  • Opportunity to network with other sellers and buyers at our special networking event on the last day of the expo


  • After payment, we’ll send you a form to fill out and submit with your picture for promotion and iShopathome listing
  • Full details of the expo will be sent to you including the event schedule
  • You’ll be added to our private sellers group chat for event updates, networking, and collaboration
  • You will be tagged on our online promotion which you could share with your audience to gain trust and rapport
  • You will be emailed our promotional guidelines and checklist to maximize your sales before and during the expo
  • If you’re not already a member, you’ll be added to our private heart-centred group so you can promote your business once a month using the hashtag #VIPMEMBER




“I had signed up with just to have another avenue of getting myself ‘out there.

I wrote a little blog post for it, it was really nice and then I just went off for a few months and let the spot ruminate and do its thing.

Then just before Christmas, I got an email that someone was requesting a catalogue. I was surprised, at first…she’d been looking for a new network marketing company to partner with so of course I was hoping she would be all fired up and wanting to work with me…So fast forward to yesterday. She made her first purchase from me. We have established wonderful communication with each other and already have a very open and trusting relationship. She is going to be taking part in a program I am piloting for thirty days and I also discovered that her former profession is one that requires a lot of bravery and a real sense of integrity. I respect her even more now.

I’m really pleased so far with Ishopathome.”

Sarah Hare—Usana

“If you have a home-based business, you should check out @imiebelanger (ishopathome) page. I’ve been with her for years and get good referrals from her site. “

Rosa Taggart—Princess House

“I discovered iShopathome while browsing another website and quickly decided that it was a site worth belonging to.  The staff at iShopathome were quickly responsive to my e-mail inquiries and the website is kept current with new members, special and information. I joined and posted a month-long recruitment special. Out of that ad, I had 4 new recruits join my team!  Keep up the good work!  It’s great to see a site centred in Canada for Canadian consumers!” 

Amie Lewis—Home Interiors

“I have appreciated the efforts you have put into iShopathome, your newsletter and blog.  When I was looking for a company to represent, I went to ishopathome and found a wonderful company.  When I decided to start my own business, I immediately signed up with iShopathome.  It has done wonders for my business.  Thank you! The majority of my leads have come from iShopathome.  Practically on a weekly basis, I get enquiries about my company from ishopathome.  It is a wonderful place for people to look at all the companies that are out there to compare.  Many of the enquiries I got from ishopathome have become customers and some even Distributors for Maple Tree Hill!”

Vanessa Vance—Mapletree Hill

“I have been an iShopathome member for over 2 years now, at first my business and now as an independent rep for Epicure Selections.  I absolutely feel as though ishopathome helped out with my home business! I have received many requests for information both on products and also inquiries on joining my business.  I have made great friends, both on a business and personal level through my involvement with iShopathome! I fully intend on continuing my advertisement on the site, and recommend it to any other home business ladies that I meet—either in person or online.  

Kudos to iShopathome for a job well done!”

Kelly Dash—Independent Rep for Epicure Selections