The holiday season is here! Don’t panic! Ok maybe panic a little because photos will be taken and everyone is going to see your hair! Have you been stressing about how to make your hair look amazing this holiday event season?  One of the things that makes a woman feel like a million bucks is having healthy and beautiful hair!

Here are 3 hair issues you might struggle with and steps on how to solve them so you don’t have to stress over your hair.

#1 – Hair Loss and Thinning/Balding

Hair thinning and hair loss is very common in women and has a number of causes such as aging, hormone imbalances, medications, diet, scalp health etc.  You’ll be able to see if your hair is thinning by taking a picture of the top of your head and taking another picture a month later.  If you see that your part is becoming larger or you see spaces in your hair when you pull it up into a ponytail you will see the extent of your hair thinning issue. Another way to check if your hair is thinning is the hairbrush test.

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss or thinning, you might have looked into different medications and treatments to fix it.  We all know of the very common treatments like Rogaine for ladies but you should definitely read the warning label on it first!

A more natural based and scientifically proven approach to hair health is much safer.  I would recommend using the Monat natural based hair care line to help your hair and scalp become healthier to support enhanced hair regrowth.   Monat carries a treatment system called the Men’s Treatment System that works wonders on severe thinning and balding hair in men and women.  For less severe thinning, Monat’s Volume Treatment System is recommended.  All of the hair care products are infused with Monat’s signature oil blend Rejuvenique Oil Intensive.

#2 – Frizzy Hair/Fly-aways

I know we’ve all struggled from frizzy hair, some of us might call them “flyaways.” Whether you have straight or curly hair, you might encounter the frizzies.  They are most noticeable when you try to straighten your hair for a smooth look or when you’re trying to get your curls to look more defined.

Frizzyness happens when the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oils (sebum) to keep your scalp and hair hydrated and healthy.  You can solve this problem by using natural based products that have the ability to improve your hair and scalp health by adding extra moisture that can easily be absorbed just like the body’s natural oils.  The Balance Hair Treatment is perfect for making your scalp healthy and replace the moisture that was lost from the overuse of styling tools, hair dye and bleaching, UV rays, and harsh chemicals found in hair styling products.

#3 – Split Ends

We all know the struggle, when you grow your hair out to the perfect length, but it just doesn’t look the way you want because you have split ends that make your hair look ‘poofy.’   Been there, done that, get some Monat for that little problem!

Natural Hair Oil Treatment To infuse your hair with moisture and help with split ends:

Before shampooing with the Renew Shampoo, apply 2-5 drops of Rejuvenique Oil Intensive to the ends of your hair and wrap your hair in plastic wrap for 30 minutes.  Do this pre-shampoo hair treatment and follow with the Balance Treatment System every day for one week. You will be seeing much healthier, hydrated hair after using the Rejuvenique Oil Intesnive Split End treatment.

Want to see the results others have experienced after trying the Monat treatment systems for 90 days?  Monat Hair Care Before and After

Who Am I?

My name is Mellisa and I am a wife, mother to two beautiful babies and I possess an entrepreneurial spirit.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved the idea of making money through my own creative ideas and sales.  When I was a kid I loved to dream up plans to sell all kinds of things.  I did a few juice stands in front of my house selling refreshments to my neighbours. I loved the thrill of selling things in garage sales and talking to people to find out what they need. In my early twenties, I went on to work in the retail sales industry as a weight loss coach selling weight loss programs and health supplements. This is when I really figured out that I belong in a sales based career.

Fast forward to today: Becoming a mother is something that makes me feel complete as a person, so finding something I can do from home to earn a living that is flexible and fun is extremely important to me.  I have done a couple of network marketing companies in the past but only as hobbies and to shop for a discount.  In August 2015 I stumbled on an ad for a brand new direct sales company that was pre-launching in Canada and carries a line of healthy, natural based hair care products that are proven to work to make hair healthy, shiny and beautiful!

Becoming a Monat Market Partner was something I just couldn’t pass up because I was going to be switching to healthier products for my family anyway and why not get a sweet discount and get paid when I share it with others.  The idea of building a business from home with a brand new company that is unique in the direct sales industry was very appealing to me.  So I went to work learning everything I can get my hands on about hair care and the Monat business.  What I found was an incredible team with amazing mentors to help me reach my goals, training, incentives and friendship.  Experiencing the joy in other’s when they find out that they too can build a flexible business from home and reach all of their financial and life goals just by working this business is what makes it all worth it. I am so happy to be able to lead a team of successful entrepreneurs who are discovering what it means to earn a residual income from home.

Are you ready to begin your Monat journey with me?

You will have the support, friendship and mentoring from myself and other amazing leaders in this business that will help you reach your goals.  Whether you are just looking to earn a bit of extra money every month for fun or if you are looking to replace the income from your day job and build up from there.  There are many successful leaders working this business who have been in your shoes and are now financially secure because of this wonderful line of healthy hair care products.


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