Accessories Show can be fun!

Here’ s a question for you. Are you a woman with discriminating tastes in fashion and accessories? Do you love to get those looks of admiration from your girlfriends or your co-workers when you walk in with a new outfit or handbag?

Our newest Ishopathome member is an irresistible company called “Lavish” that’s taking the fashion world to new levels of class and beauty; offering women everywhere the opportunity to earn extra cash to fund their fashion piggy banks by helping them start their own fashion business.

Purse Home Party

Lavish Glam | At Home Party

Lavish was founded by Jennifer Assu-Stead, a hardworking single mom raising two children, out of her desire to build a glamorous home party company that would empower women to build their own home-businesses by sharing their love of fashion with others. Today, Lavish is owned and managed by a team of highly successful women who continue to bring their beautiful clothing, bags, fashion accessories for women, such as scarves, belts and jewelry into the homes of women everywhere who want to enjoy shopping in the comfort of their own homes with their friends and family. The company offers a beautiful selection of high quality, yet affordable items for women who want to look their best.

Imagine your own fashion and accessory store at home.

Clothing Home Party

Glamour Party!

Get the scarf – not only can you find some wonderful and hard to find items like luxurious pashmina scarves and sparkling antique silver bangles and watches at Lavish, but you can host your own home “glam” party or build your own hot fashion,  successful business as home party consultant.

Lavish has a unique opportunity that operates on a hybrid of direct marketing and social networking to help women business owners achieve success and earn a substantial income especially because  at home parties are now fashionable. Unlike many other home party plans, Lavish does not impose an auto-ship program or require minimum sales quotas in order to be part of their home party consultant plan.

They do, however, have a close network of skilled home party consultants and fashionistas who are there to support each and every member of the team at all times.

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