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I was on twitter this morning and Melody Thucker, an old client and friend tweeted this @melodythacker. Did you know that 70% of direct sales selling happens between Labor day and Christmas?

I didn’t know that!

I know direct sales usually picks up around this time when kids are back to school, but didn’t know it would be that much.  But come to think of it, I’ve been getting more catalogue request over the last few weeks so that make sense.

Start Marketing Your Business

This is the best time to get on the pipe line and drum up some business.  People are looking for fall decorations, baking materials, crafts items and of course money making ideas.

5 Fall Marketing Tips

  • Send an e-mail to your list highlighting the best products in the fall catalogue.
  • Try some of the items, write a review and post it on your blog or your facebook wall.
  • Plan to cross promote with other reps who sells  non-competing products.
  • Announce your specials on ishopathome.
  • Sponsor an online or offline event and use your product as a giveaway.

Most Popular Home Party Business

Based on my search stats; here are some of the hottest business to start based on the number of searches:

  • Regal Giftstried and true Their business model is simple.  Buy their product at discount and sell it to your customers at full price and keep the difference.  The more you sell, the more discount you get.  They are known for their affordable greeting cards.
  • Princess House – affordable luxuries for the home.  I like the fact that they offer a variety of products.
  • Stella and Dot – there’s no denying that women love fashion accessories.  When times are tough and you can’t afford to buy higher priced items, accessories are the pick me up solutions.  Their accessories are fabulous and unique.
  • Mia Bella – the warmer weather requires the warmth of candles in the home. Additionally, enjoy mia bella’s candles home fragrance.
  • Epicure Selections if you can’t afford to go out, stay home and cook a wonderful meal for your family with the help of these wonderful, aromatic spices.  Products are made in Canada.

There you have it! If this is not enough to jump start your fall money making plans, then I don’t know what would:)

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