I’ve always had iron deficiency.

My sister and I share this condition which scared me, because my mother died of Leukemia when I was 8 years old.   We both tried to fix the problem unsuccessfully for the longest time.  I’ve tried everything: supplements and diets, but nothing really worked. Iron pills and supplements would improve my hemoglobin a little but it would go down again like a yoyo.

I thought my condition was hopeless, until my sister went to Korea and found HemoHim.  She tried it and was ecstatic!  So I tried it too, and for the first time, my blood test showed marked improvement in my hemoglobin count and I no longer felt tired.

Now, I only take it for maintenance—once or twice a week.  But my husband religiously take it everyday and he says: it boosts his energy.



As an aesthetician, I was ashamed to admit that I couldn’t shrink my large pores, despite having tried practically every professional products I came across  with.  I continued to be disappointed with the results—even from the top skin care lines I’ve tried.

So I was very skeptical when my sister approached me about Atomy skin care products.

Why would I use a product that didn’t come from my professional spa product supplier?  

That’s what I was saying to myself. Because I was taught that nothing is above professional grade products!

But I gave in. I decided to give one of their products a try.  The Atomy Peel Off Mask

Well, I was surprised! Actually, I was shocked. That a $10 dollar peel off mask would  give me the result I’ve longed for after just one used.

It’s totally out of this world!  And that’s no exaggeration.

Here’s a picture to show the difference it made on my face.




To purchase Atomy from the website, you first need to open an account. It’s FREE! There’s absolutely no fee and you only need to purchase at least $10 product a year to keep your membership active.  Before you join though, you need a sponsor ID which I can send to you.  Email me: imie(@)  (note, the email address is written this way for the spam bot.  You can also find me on Facebook.come/


NOTE: I am not a Doctor, and my experience with HemoHim should not be taken as a health advice.  Please consult your naturopath Doctor and do your own diligence