The Healthy Alternatives For Chocolate Lovers

Well-Beyond acquired Xocai healthy chocolate in 2017.  Xocai was founded and established in 2005 by Paul Waring. Xocai was recommended to him for his inflammation and sp he invested on this product because of the amazing results.  Scientists are rediscovering what ancient Mesoamericans knew centuries ago: chocolate can be very good for you. 

Who says chocolate is bad for you? It isn’t that the chocolate itself is bad, its the way its processed. 

Although many health benefits have been 
attributed to chocolate during its 3,500- 
year history, the full extent of its contributions 
to human health is only now being 
brought to light through modern technology 
and research.

The company is not just a healthy chocolate company, it carries  different products for health, weight loss, energy and even anti-aging. These products are served as energy drinks, shakes, gels, capsules and chocolate nuggets or squares.