Watkins –  natural, environmentally friendly products right to your home

Before there was a pharmacy on every corner, or a gourmet shop in every town, there was Watkins. Founded by then 28-year-old entrepreneur J.R. Watkin in 1868 to give relief to hardworking mothers and wives that time, we purveyed the only health “remedies” that came with one of the earliest money-back guarantee in a trial-mark bottle. That guarantee still remains as the trial-mark bottle was reintroduced in 2006, along with a reputation for using only the finest natural ingredients.


Today, Watkins offers gourmet and organic food, home care, and remedies. This includes vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, on-trend organic seasonings, extracts, home remedies, pain relief, natural body care, and home care products. Watkins counts over 300 products and 55,000 Watkins men and women in North America. The “Watkins Man” was the first of its thousands of consultants ever since 1868. 

The “Watkins Man” was the first of its thousands of consultants ever since 1868. Today the tradition continues with Watkins consultants, who have access to the full line of Watkins products. Watkins consultants enjoy flexible business opportunity: manage your own time, choose either part time or full time, 25% savings on Watkins products, bonuses, incentive programs and access to online reports and ordering system.

Watkins boasts of 153 years of experience, customer service and quality products. Join them now or purchase their products through your local consultants.