This is a review and story of how I discovered Living Lockets by Origami Owl which is now part of the Think Goodness company which I’d like to share.

I discovered Origami Owl when I remarried a couple of years ago and my husband and I chose to have a very simple ceremony with about a dozen of friends and family members, in a very beautiful place here in Quebec, Quebec. It was over a frozen waterfall, outdoors in the middle of winter.
We decided not to have anything expensive or materialistic as we wanted it to be a simple get-together and ceremony for ourselves and our loved ones.
For that reason, we did not purchase wedding bands. However, after a couple of years, I started getting a feeling that I did really want to have something to materialize after our marriage. So that is how I discovered living lockets and fell in love with Origami Owl.

Can something simple be this meaningful?

I’d say yes!

I love the name and symbology of the owl. What is so incredible is it’s a company that gives a lot of options for fun personalization. It’s almost like telling your whole story creatively in one item.

I purchased a beautiful necklace with a chain that I still have and still use. I got a locket, which has a clear cover with a back frame and within that Living Locket, you can place whatever you want. There are hundreds of charms that you can purchase. Some people go with a Disney theme for example. Others go for shapes, colours, and images representing their children and other family members. I went for a pink and white flower and a silver watering can. These remind me of how precious our relationship is and how we can nurture it every day. The living locket is a daily reminder and gives it significance to me. 

Choosing the right jewelry for your story

As with any beautiful jewelry, the right item can seal a story. They have a wide array of quality items to choose from which a rep can help you choose. There are Living Lockets that you can attach to your cell phone if you want to remember something important, smile and get inspired every time you look at it. A perfect gift. But the most important thing I love about Origami Owl and now Think Goodness is how it brought me much further than just looking at a beautiful piece of jewelry. It makes me feel good wearing it. – Charlotte