Okay so I am intrigue!

I’ve heard of this “Xocai Healthy Chocolate”, but didn’t really pay attention to it until someone at a forum I belong to said she lost 5 lbs eating healthy chocolate.

Yeah right! I said.

But the sooner I said that, the curious me asked “what is it?”

I knew someone on my Facebook network that sells this stuff so I connected with Debbie Innes  and ask her if she could send me a sample of this chocolate I keep hearing about.  She was kind enough to send me some.  I told her I just wanted to taste it.

I normally associate “healthy stuff” with awful tasting, hardly edible food so I was skeptical.

Yesterday, the chocolate envelope arrived.  Thanks Debbie!
I tried the Xocai Power Square and it’s a bit bitter, but not as bitter as the dark chocolates I’ve tried before.

The Xocai Xobiotic Square  is bigger than the power square and tasted better for me. It has that wholesome taste to it.  I took a bite this morning and I was satisfied, then took another bite for dinner and I still have a little bit left.  I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I’ve already lost 6 lbs from eating homemade plain yogurt so I am not looking at losing weight from eating chocolate, but it seems to me,  if the chocolate can satisfy your sweet cravings and hunger – it could help you lose weight.

I can’t say anything about the health benefits of this chocolate because I haven’t tried enough to see any difference but if you have anything to share,  I would love to hear from you.

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