My confession is that I’ve always hated selling.  I’ve hated to be sold to, so I don’t enjoy doing it.

Although I was practically born while my mother was selling door to door (more like mountain to mountain), and followed my mother’s footsteps after she passed on, I have never felt I was selling anything.

Many times, I had questioned myself whether I should be selling the way I see others do it because of their perceived “success” –  selling like a maniac.

But I’ve always remember how my mother never sold anything.  She was so charming, she seemed to just be taking orders and delivering.

Recently though, I knew the landscape has changed.  More and more people are turning away from the “hard sell” tactics and prefer to deal with people whom they perceive as caring individuals.

And when direct sellers try to use the old selling tactics on social media or online, they fail; because they are selling like it’s 1980 instead of 2014.  Times have changed.

It is now about RELATIONSHIPS.

Let’s face it, people don’t go on Facebook to read your ad.

The challenge then is how do you deliver your sales message without being a douche. How do you tell people about your opportunities and sales without coming across as salesy?

Read on….

The New Approach To Selling

1. Connect with people and collaborate.  Truly understand your customer’s need and desire, so you can deliver your solutions in ways that serve them.

2. Ask powerful questions.  When someone says “no”, ask why?  Because that only means you haven’t met their needs or answered their questions, or listened enough.

3. Use the power of a story – not just your story but other’s as well.

4. Freely help others first and ask for help second.  Make it all about them, not you.  The power of your comments, shares, and likes can go along way.

5. Craft your online messages around the 4 points above.

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