Enjo Cleaning Products Will Clean Anything

Back in 2010, while trying to put together my home office, I decided I didn’t want an IKEA furniture or anything from the office depot stores.  I wanted something homey that will fit my surrounding.

So I looked through KIJIJI and found this ugly desk for $20.00.  It has good structure and sturdy enough with nice drawers.

When my husband arrived at the sellers house for pickup, he called me to make sure I wanted the desk.  I reassured him, yes, I want it. I can clean and repaint it.

When I saw the desk in my garage and tried to clean it, I was disheartened. The dirt was so thick and it was hard to get it off with soap and water.  Husband suggested I use a steel wool but I didn’t want to scratch it.

Then I though about the ENJO cleaning gloves that I had purchased years back.


After cleaning it, I discovered the original wood grains under that yucky stuff.  Beautiful isn’t it?

Here’s what it looks like sitting in my office-repainted in white.  I changed the handles with silver knobs and I think it looks really pretty.

revamp desk

Not the best picture but you can see it…

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