Hey there. Let me introduce myself and how you ended up reading the words coming out of my brain at the moment… I’m Angela Wills and I own a marketing education & consulting firm. I teach business owners just like you how to build a web presence that gets them results. I met Imie many years ago (in person) through an online membership we both belong to. I’ve always been impressed with her work ethics and her business focus!

Now on to why I’m here… I asked Imie if I could talk to you about creating a website for your direct sales business. So read on and I’ll share with you two very good reasons why you should not be missing out on having your own website for your direct sales business.
The reasons I’ll cover are:
1. Find & Follow-Up With Customers
2. Recruit & Train Customers

I know what you’re going to tell me before we even get started:

Your company doesn’t allow you to have a personal website to promote the business.

Am I right? Well I’m here to tell you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a personal website to promote YOUR business.

No, I’m not suggesting you break your companies rules or you get all sneaky on them. I’m suggesting you follow the rules to the letter while providing yourself with smart business security and a business that grows faster than ever.

Let’s cover those two reasons and I’ll explain:

1. Find & Follow-Up With Customers

I know your company won’t allow you to say their name on your website, but what if you had a website that promoted the type of product you sell. You don’t need to get specific and you don’t need to use pictures of your products. You can draw in enough interest by talking about your product in a way that doesn’t break any rules.

Let me give you an example. I used to be a representative of Mia Bella candles. The unique thing about these candles is that they are made with soy and have lead-free wicks. They are supposed to be much more healthy than the type of candle filled with petroleum waxes and lead wicks. So, on my site I talked about how great soy candles were and gave soy candle tips, etc.

This is how you can attract potential customers without breaking a single rule. Mia Bella did allow links from my website to the online order forms so I lead potential customers right on over to the order form when I talked about soy candles. (you’ll need to check with your company to see if they allow linking from a personal site).

A key component of your website is going to be the sign up form. It’s not enough to attract potential customers to your website. What you want to do is get them to sign up for your email list.

2. Recruit & Train Affiliates

To be honest, the finding customers part was the hard part online, especially for soy candles. The part that people are really looking for online is the business opportunity.

In my business I did this well thanks to some GREAT training from my upline.

You can do this, again without breaking rules, by talking about the business you are involved in without giving away specifics.

My recruiting website talked all about the fact that I sell great soy candles. It spoke to a group of people who were already interested in starting a business and were looking for someone to work with. I told them about who I was and how I could help them build their business.

Again, the key was in the follow-up. I was able to collect leads for my business on an ongoing basis through my website. Instead of paying $3 or something per lead, I was getting them free through my site. These leads were miles better than a cold, bought lead because they had gotten to know me and they were interested in hearing from me.

In about a year I built my team up to about twenty-eight people and I became a leader within the company. It was all because of my personal website and my email leads system.

This doesn’t just work for soy candles. Look into any direct sales business and I’ll bet you’ll find some leaders who are using the internet to build their businesses. Isn’t it time you took advantage of all the people searching for a great product or business leader like you?

Angela Wills
Marketers Mojo

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