When I was in the Insurance industry way back in the 80’s, the only way to survive in the business was through networking.  That was the social network at the time before Facebook and Linkedin or Twitter.

I hated it of course  like everyone else, but I had no choice – I needed new connections and customers. Although it wasn’t the best experience, I’ve learned some fundamentals which I’ve used over the years to grow my own social network and do well in business.  One of those fundamentals was this quote:

“If you are not appearing, you are disappearing”.

This applies to online or offline networking.  If you don’t show up,  no one will know you, and it will be harder for you to SELL anything if you haven’t established any connections. And eventually, you become non-existent and people forget who you are.

Don’t be that person who only calls or message someone when they need to make a sale. I am certain you know one of those…

Amateur direct sellers and network marketers carry the mistaken belief that they can simply throw their hyper salesy promotion everywhere and people will come to them.

And when their tactics fail to get them new customers, they quit:

So How Do You “appear”?

  • Connect with people online.  Not just “like” them or “like” their post, speak your mind and actually engage.
  • Help other businesses by “sharing” their post and commenting on them, and they will pay you back with recognition and “appearance”.

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