What My iShopathome Inbox Looks Like

It tickles me whenever I see prospects looking to buy from my ishopathome  members, for it means, my efforts and their’s are working.

There’s a big shift in marketing that’s been happening in the last 5 years.

Surveys have shown that consumers are getting smarter.  They are no longer attracted to the over-hyped messages, and advertising that interrupts them. Instead, they prefer to do their own research online and rely on friends’ referral or feedback through their social media interactions.

So if you are in direct sales or network marketing and you are not active on social media, or if you are active but are saying the wrong thing, you are missing out.

At ishopathome, I receive an average of 2-3 enquiries per day from qualified prospects, who are looking for more information on specific products. These enquiries are routed directed to my ishopathome members by the system.

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