A Fitting Gift!

Who ever said “A Friend Is Like A Good Bra…

Hard to Find



Fitting Gift-confidante

And Always Close To Our Heart!!! ” is an angel.  Because I think that is so true.

Oprah said over 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  I know I was wearing the wrong size until I got myself properly fitted.  Now I have to say, my bra is just perfect.  The straps don’t fall off my shoulder while I am in a meeting and I don’t have to constantly re-adjust the bra under-wires poking my rib cages.


This bra from Jeanique is not the most sexy thing, but it  works like a charm.  It’s breathable for one thing, and the band is wide enough to give the support and the lift our soft mammary gland needs.  The result is perfect posture; I kid you not!

I have to say, I personally prefer this than a less than 2 carat diamond.

When I got fitted, I actually felt taller.  My breast doesn’t droop anymore (yeah I admit it droops after breastfeeding 3 kids).  I think after 40, gravity takes over and everything else starts going down:(

Luckily, there’s cosmetic procedure (ouch!), excellent bra, and the promises of my favorite potion to fix it (that’s for later).

So if you have a friend, and an important woman in your life, you owe it to them to give them the lift they need this holiday season.

Gloria from Jeanique is offering a FREE fitting session-custom bra fitting,  plus a special with purchase.

What’s your favorite bra?

Happy Shopping!

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