Deciding what to give your party hostess is a difficult task.  A bottle of wine comes handy but pretty boring and it’s the easiest thing to get that requires no creativity.

Instead, give something special that is environmentally friendly. Try scented soy candles.  Why soy candles?


  • It burns better
  • It’s clean burning = no soot
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy clean up if spilled
  • And ahhhh – the pure scent that says Merry Christmas!

This soy candle from MapleTree Hill comes in Christmas scents like Hot Apple Pie, Gingerbread Cookie, and Jack Frost!

Candles are the most versatile gift that can be given to any gender anytime.  They also have it in travel sizes which are great as gift basket fillers.

By the way, these are hand poured by Vanessa Vance of MapleTree Hill.  Made in Canada!

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