As an independent consultant for a Home Party Plan, I truly find this time of year to be draining. We’ve been through months and months of winter weather – and find that no one wants to have any sort of get together/party come Jan/Feb/Mar. Occasionally, there are people who WANT to have parties, but then the same issues happen with their guests – weather and winter blahs make attendance less than ideal.So what can we, as consultants or hostesses do about this?What about offering a “Lets Pretend its Summer” party? Or how about using this awful weather as a REASON for the get-together! (Remember – shop from your seat instead of your feet!) Perhaps daytime parties would work well while the weather is still iffy… people prefer to drive in the daytime rather than the dark cold wintery evenings.Is it possible to get hostess benefits without having a party? 99% of the time the answer for that will be SURE! Most At Home Party Business companies will also offer the choice of doing a silent (book) party. As the hostess, you can show the catalog to your friends/family/co-workers – get orders and as long as the orders reach the party minimum (talk to your consultant to find out what that minimum is) you are still entitled to their hostess benefits!

So you see, when the weather outside is frightful – your shopping can still be delightful! Explore your options and still reap the benefits!!!!

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