Headache or Migraine?

Because of my low iron, whenever my monthly comes up, I suffer an unbelievable headache; sometimes it even turns into a migraine.  When that happens, I usually lay down most of the day immobile.

Yesterday, I started feeling the migraine coming on.  I really wasn’t looking forward to nursing a migraine so I immediately took some heavy dose of MONAVIE juice that I got from my sister. This ACAI berry packed juice is suppose to boost  my immune system and do other stuff but I thought I’d try it for my anemic condition.

Headache Remedies

I heard from a friend that he swear by mint tea as a good remedy for a severe headache.  So after gulping down my ACAI juice, I tried to relax with a cup of mint tea and lemon grass.  It’s a great combo.

Today, I woke up headache and migraine free!

I wasn’t able to dodge a migraine once it started, so I was pretty amazed that it helped me today.

If you need more info on this stuff, comment below and I can connect you up to my cousin who sells it.

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