I posted a question on Ishopathome Facebook page recently about spring-cleaning and Pat Eales, an Ishopathome member since 2003 responded with her environmentally conscious solutions. Instead of telling you what we discussed over Facebook, I thought I would get her to write a post. – Imie


I grew up in a household where the smell of Pine Sol and Bleach meant the house was clean. Intermingled with those scents was the smell of Pledge and other cleaning products.

Fast forward to keeping my own house clean, and these were the smells that told me my house was clean too. And if I couldn’t keep that “clean” smell everyday, there was Glade, Febreeze, and other things to give the appearance of clean.

How were we brainwashed into thinking that our house had to smell like something in order to be clean? Couldn’t the house just smell like nothing to be clean?

Looking back, I am very fortunate that I don’t have respiratory problems, and that my two children were fortunate to escape that as well.

Unfortunately others aren’t so lucky. And then they struggle to figure out what caused it.

We keep our houses so airtight, and then use chemical products to clean our homes.

Researchers are discovering a connection between the increased use of household chemicals and the increased incidences of chronic illnesses such as asthmas, cancer, allergies, birth defects and many other problems.

I’ve often heard people say “what’s the point” of going green or using eco friendly products when there are so many business polluting the air. How much difference will it make?

Well, you might be surprised.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that air pollutant levels can be two to five times, and occasionally up to 100 times, higher indoors than outdoors.

Think that changing your cleaning products might make a difference?


Start considering the use of eco friendly household cleaning products to see the big difference. Green cleaning will surely make your home clean and safe!

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