With all the companies to pick from, how can you determine which one is the best for you?

Here is my experience from when I started years ago and I have been with the company I chose for the past 13 years.

I went from being a single mom with less than 20$ a month for groceries to earning over 7,000$ in one month, (which is more than what I used to earn in one year)!

So how did I decide which company was the best fit for me?

As a former scientist, my approach was quite structured. It was also very intentional, because I had little time (I had just given birth to my third child and wanted to stay home more than a few weeks this time) and quickly needed to find a way to supplement our family’s income.

I knew I wanted something that fit with my values, would serve people in my environment and that would bring at least a small income (I was aiming for 200$ a month).

The way I went about it was that I actually “shopped” among 50 different direct sales and networking marketing companies and compared them methodically.

Here are the criteria I examined before making my selection:

  • Market: are there buyers for this specific product or service in my area or online acquaintances? Is there interest among the people I already know? Trying to build a business with a new audience could prove very challenging so think about potential customers in your existing network first.
  • Price point: Are the products and services easily affordable for people in my network OR is there a great enough need for them that people will likely see the benefits and decide to invest? 
  • Availability: Can you sell what the company has to offer at any time during the year, or is it seasonal? Would sales be affected by varying conditions (pandemic)? For example, people will always need food and other basic necessities, whereas travelling may be a more sporadic purchase.
  • History: Do some research into the company. Are they new? Most companies do not make it to the 5 year mark so that is a good minimum to check. Have they had solid growth? Any lurking unresolved court cases?
  • Expansion: How many languages and countries are represented by this company? Do you have any contacts in other areas where you may expand your business?
  • Sales model: Are they a party plan company or are sales based mostly on a one-to-one or online prospecting? Following your company’s sales model is very important to achieve financial success so make sure you are well informed.
  • Compensation plan: People usually either hate or love this part but delving into this as early as possible will save you a lot of heart and headaches. If there is something you do not understand or really do not like about the compensation plan you might as well find out as quickly as possible. There are many different models and ways to earn an income in network marketing (or direct sales). Do not be afraid to ask the tough questions and delve into conversations about the compensation plan (how many income sources, how many levels are you paid on, what benefits are available without a financial commitment).
  • Costs: are there any costs to being with this company? A fee for the online shopping site, the CRM (customer relation management system), supplies (brochures, catalogues), gifts to customers (hosts in party plan for example)? Is there a minimum you need to personally invest on a regular basis?
  • Sales requirements: Will you need to guarantee a minimum amount in sales to ensure an active status? What is the highest amount anyone needs to reach in a given month at the highest level in the compensation plan?
  • Social media and marketing: Are you free to advertise and share as you wish or are there clear guidelines for online marketing? Are these reasonable and up to date with our very virtual world market?
  • Success coaching: Who will be your direct upline? Are they experienced, available and ready to mentor you? Will you have access to an online and in-person training?
  • Values & goals: Does this company have shared values with you? Does what they offer fit with your goals?

Lastly, but most importantly: trust your inner guidance! You may feel inexperienced and unsure though following your intuition is as important as reflection and research. As you make decisions and follow through with them, you will gain in confidence and this will also lead to more sales and overall a better experience for your customers and team members. Confidence comes from action, not over-thinking!

Based on these criteria I selected a company where I found new friends, mentors, a community and where I have learned so much personally and professionally as well as earned what has become our family’s main income for several years now.

I am very grateful and happy to have made that decision and followed through with it all this time!

What about you? What made you decide to join your current company?