I am assuming that you are already working as a direct sales rep and you just want to learn more about making your business work for you.

Here Are Some Juicy Ingredients For A Successful Direct Sales Home-Based Business

Your  Business Website or Profile Page

We’ve heard it over and over again, people don’t buy from companies – they buy from people they know and trust. Your website and /or your social profile is your best tool to let people know who you are.

Your website and/or online profile answer this  proverbial question: Why should they (your customers) buy from you instead of the gazillion other options available to them? If you can answer that question on your website and profile, then you will have a better chance at attracting customers.

Your Attitude and Influence Matters

Are you someone they (potential customers) can relate to or identify with?

Are you experiencing the same frustrations as they are? And have you demonstrated your ability to help people like them?

There are many ways you can do this; for instance, by commenting on our blogs &  Ishopathome Facebook page, people  will get to know a little bit about YOU and your ability to answer questions, and help others, thus gaining their trust.

Availability and Searchabiility

Can people find you? Are you easy to find? Are you associated with trusted people?  Can they find out more about you through social media? Can they connect with you easily? Can they ask you questions and get answer easily through different channels? Searchability (I made it up) which basically means the likelihood of being found; is also important in attracting customers.  Can people search for you online and will your name and business show up on search results? Here at IShopAtHome, we have Search Engine Experts whose job is to optimize your profile for searchability.

NOTE: Because the website recently went through re-development, our team is in the process of re-optimizing the website so you might not see search results for a couple of weeks.

Prospecting and Referrals

Business growth comes from new people. If you are not prospecting daily, you simply are not growing. Dani Johnson, who has made millions in direct sales, has said that 80% of your actions should be in getting new people into the business and the rest of the percentage is in training and administration. Our members have always enjoyed a regular referral from IShopAtHome .  With our new system, prospects can request a catalogue and you will immediately be notified.

Do you have a list?

If you don’t have a list of prospects, you don’t really have a business. Your business growth and income flow comes from your lists. One of the benefits of being an IShopAtHome business member is learning how to grow your list.

 It is no longer enough to depend on your friends and relatives to grow your direct sales business. You need to use all the available tools, and rise above the noise to succeed. Smart entrepreneurs invest in online promotion to reach their goals.

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