Can you fall in love with a business card?

I’d say you can!

If you love your business and want to present yourself in the most inspiring way, then the right business card can make your prospect take notice.

Truth be told, I’ve stopped carrying my business card for a year now because, well, I am embarrassed. Mine is the kind that looks like it was printed off my home office printer.

Got some of those lame business cards you pulled off your home printer? Or from run-of-the-mill printers? It may be time to ditch them and replace them with something fresh and chic to match your business brand.

The card just looks uninspiring and boring. Thankfully, it hasn’t really affected me because I, along with my business peers, pretty much exchange social media handles when I meet someone I’d like to keep in touch with. Recently, however, my biz associate and I were talking and we ended up discussing how it’s still important to carry business cards.

As fate would have it, our conversation was proven right to me last weekend. I attended a funeral and someone asked me what I do for a living. I wasn’t comfortable discussing business with this fellow (it’s a funeral for crying out loud!) and I wish I could have just handed him my card, but I didn’t have it with me.

Clearly, there are still those special occasions when a business card is necessary—not to mention that it can carry the professional weight that you need to be taken seriously. When those occasions come up, you don’t want to be empty-handed like I was last weekend.

The story doesn’t end there though. After attending the funeral and arriving at home, I got an e-mail from a contact letting me know of a company servicing Canadians: When I looked at their website it screamed “fresh” to me, but more than that, I found out that it specializes in making unique and custom business cards (among other things).

It’s funny how the universe works.

Maybe I’ll give it a try and get myself some fancy business card.

Do you love your business card?  I’d love to see it.  Share in the comment box below.