An old friend of mine—Cindy Chrysler,  contacted me recently to let me know that ORIGAMI OWL is coming to Canada—actually arriving tomorrow, February 3rd!

Intrigued, I asked her the following questions:

Me: What made you choose Origami Owl?

Cindy: The original thing that piqued my interest was the opportunity for my daughter to work along side me. She, of course, was happy about the opportunity to make more than minimum wage weeding at the local organic farm.  Once I started investigating, though, I did look at all the options available at that time. I felt like, from a business and marketing standpoint, Origami Owl truly had the best story. I could totally relate to Bella’s parents making her earn the money for her car instead of buying her one. I liked everything about it.

I have never been a huge jewelry person. But I am definitely a huge story person and I love the story aspect of this jewelry.

Me: You are obviously very excited about this! What aspect of the business do you love the most? 

Cindy: I love the story aspect. I’ve never been in a business where my customers hug me when I deliver their product. I’ve never had the experience where a customer cried when I gave them their locket. There’s something very satisfying about helping people remember loved ones they’ve lost or just share their own story with their lockets.

We’ve been doing this for a little over 2 years now and I’ve never seen the same locket twice. Every person is different and I love the individualized aspect of our line.

From a marketing perspective (since that is what I’ve spent so much of my time doing for the past 7 years), I LOVE everything about this company. Their branding is impressive. They carry their branding throughout everything they do. As a company that has grown SO fast and so much, yes, we’ve had hiccups. However, they’ve made major strides in developing their own product lines and unique charms and other offerings.

I think it’s telling that so many others have jumped on this bandwagon after Origami Owl started it. They listen to us in the field well, also. I am truly impressed with Origami Owl and how they are constantly trying to raise the bar for this business.

Me: What value can you offer to my readers? 

Cindy: We truly do love to go the extra mile, whether it’s with customers or designers on our team. I have given up charms that were my favorites, because we could not get another one and a customer had her heart set on it. We are compelled to help people tell their stories. I can say two things for certain about myself (and my daughter, as part of my team):

1. We will never lie to you about anything related to this business or otherwise and

2. We will do everything humanly possible to help a customer and teach that to any designers that seek to join our team. We are part of one of the larger teams in Origami Owl, but the camaraderie and support is incredible. I’ve been in direct sales before, but can honestly say this has been the most pleasant experience on a team. We seek to keep things positive, encourage each other to grow in business and personal ways, and always lift each other up. We have consistent meetings and I am available most of the time by phone, text, email or FB message, to answer questions or just give a good pep talk. I am not a gushy person, but I will be your biggest cheerleader whenever you need one.

Me: What are some of your favourite items? 

Cindy:  Here are Claudia’s (daughter) favourites:

Her  tribute locket to her grandpa.

PicMonkey Collage

Claudia’s ode to Frozen.  The ring says “let it go”.

 frozen locket

Claudia’s Special locket. The old rose dangle is her signature, as it is her middle name.

Claudia's heritage locket

Rose gold heritage face Valentine’s locket and rose gold earrings. The hearts are interlocking and a window plate. She filled in the open silver heart with the mini red Swarovski crystals. Throw in the love arrows for fun. My girls love to mix it up…a lot.

rose gold valentine locket and earrings

For more info on the business, check out Cindy’s website:

Cindy & Claudia Chrysler  ID#6952

Independent Designers at Origami Owl