Nerium Products

There’s been some commotion in the network marketing circles lately. It’s all over social media and forums.

And what’s all the buzz about?

It’s  a new company about to launched in Canada sometime in April, according to the latest news I’ve received.  Its hottest product – NeriumAD.

I’ve been reading reviews after reviews and I tell you, I am liking what I read.   There’s even a review from an Aesthetician!

As an aesthetician myself, I am very picky on any products that tout itself as THE age defying treatment. But apparently, this product does.  Its secret comes from the patent-pending NAE-8 extract from the Nerium oleander plant.

There is pre-registration for those who are interested in jumping on this opportunity,  so I asked  Nicole Donaldson – one of Ishopathome members who signed up with Nerium, why she chose Nerium and she said:

” I love to start with a new company, especially one that has had  100 million in sales in their first year in the US. This product has got to work!” Nicole

Well…  I can’t wait to test it.  Will be looking for some samples to try.  Right now, all I can tell you is that Nerium has been getting a lot of buzz but until I can try it, I can’t tell you if it’s as good as it claims

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