How to face the world

Have you ever felt like, the harder you push on a given project [like working from home] the harder it is to get things done?

Well, that’s how I felt yesterday.

I was frustrated and borderline depressed.

Nothing was going right. Just plain shitty!

So I packed my bag and went for a drive, out in the country  [getting some fresh air is always a good idea].

It was a beautiful day. Not too hot.  I open my car roof top and let the wind in…

As I drove up the Caledon  hills, I remember a little restaurant up the hill, so I went in and ordered a coffee. The view from the outside cafe is magnificent.

Then I flipped my Ipad open and saw an update from one of my friends on Facebook which totally made me smile.

At first I thought it was just about make-up; instead, the video is packed with high powered nuggets:

  • Optimism
  • Purposeful thoughts
  • Proper balance of intellect, emotion, physical well-being, spirituality, kindness, communication and self-esteem.

Watch the video and tell me if you agree it’s awesome!